Thursday, November 4, 2010

A beginning.....

I should first explain why, in a quiet moment during the day, I was drawn to create this blog.  I have actually been thinking about this for quite some time.  I'm not the most effective or devote Catholic in the world and I suppose I've always enjoyed the phrase "practicing Catholic".  I am a practicing Catholic as I believe most people are practicing at their respective faiths.  The humility with which we approach our faith should direct us to that simple conclusion.

Anyway, back to my explanation, I had thought about starting a Blog during Lent last year because I have two problems that I was hoping the Blog could help me address.  First, although I do read the Bible (more regularly during the last few months) I find that much like my attempts at exercise and diet, my dedication wanes over time.  I am hopeful that by creating a Blog I will have additional incentive to continue reading.  Secondly, when I do read I spend little time thinking about what I just read.  So while I might feel better about reading, I learn very little.  However, if I write about what I've just read, I will be forced to study and think about the readings.

So you see my motivation for this Blog really isn't for your enjoyment or knowledge.  Truthfully, if you are actually searching the Internet for a Blog of this nature, I doubt that you can learn much from me at all.  Quite the opposite, I have much to learn from you.

Like many journeys in life, we don't always know where the path leads or when we shall arrive.

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